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Roof cleaning in Herne Bay, Whitstable and surrounding areas

Remove unsightly roof moss – all from the safety of the ground. 

Here at Dab Hand Pressure wash and exterior cleaning we offer a roof moss removal service and soft wash to help with lichen. using a sky scrapper we remove the moss and apply biocide that keeps on working.

Why remove moss from roofs?

Apart from being very unsightly, moss on roofs also affects the drainage of rainwater away from the roof. Moss can impede the flow of water on route to the gutter, and also fall into guttering systems, inhibiting the flow of water away from the property. Water will always find its way past an obstacle invariably causing the gutters to overflow, and can in turn cause very expensive damp repairs on homes.

Roof Scrapping and soft washing is the safest way to clean your roof.



What can happen when moss builds up on your roof.

  • The freeze and thaw process of the moss can result in cracked & dislodged tiles.
  • – The weight of all that extra  moss on your roof can stress your roofing structure beneath the tiling.
  • – Moss will block your guttering and fail your roof drainage system which could potentially cause future problems in the eaves section of your roof.
  • – Most roofs with mortar systems for the ridges and gables will suffer early 
  • deterioration from the moss attacking the cement works.
  • – When dislodged from your roof, moss can become a nuisance when scattered all over your patio/driveway.
  • – Your roof is a major part of your home and unsightly moss and algae growth can sometimes be an eyesore to look 
Roof Cleaning in Herne Bay and Surrounding areas

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As more and more homeowners across the UK look to retain the kerb appeal of their properties, one thing that can make a difference is moss removal and roof cleaning in general. These days moss removal can be an issue as moss is now classed as a protected species of plant and cannot by law be treated with chemicals for any aspect of moss killing on roof tiles.

Most homeowners put all types of green growth into one category. However, they have to be very careful with the type of roof cleaning product they decide to choose.

A professional grade algae and lichen killer as well as green growth remover for roof tiles. We simply spray and leave and the green growth killer will start to take effect within a few days. It can totally transform the look and appearance of any roof within a few weeks.

We supply a fast acting algae and lichen remover that will quickly remove green algae and lichen on all types of roof tiles. 

We use a fast acting biocide and outperforms all other similar products on the market. It can quickly kill off unwanted green growth on concrete, slate or cement fibre roof  is a professional grade product that can quickly kill most green organic growth on roof tiles.

Although, ‘moss remover for roof tiles’ is one of the biggest search terms online, by law you cannot use anything that will kill moss as it is now a protected species. We can however help with products for keeping lichen and algae growth at bay. All of these green growth removal products are used extensively in the domestic and commercial sector and can stop external hard surfaces like concrete and natural stone going green. They can also be used once or twice a year for ongoing maintenance to keep a roof free from lichen and algae growth.

Roof Cleaning

Biocide roof cleaning

After Roof scrapping we add a biocide treatment

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