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Pressure washing near me

Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

We cover East Kent, Herne Bay, Whitstable, Canterbury, Faversham, Ashford, Thanet, and surrounding areas. 

Not a problem, this can be done once the area has been cleaned and fully dried. The sealant will be applied, we will discuss the best action as this can be costly.

Yes, we can. We use a solution that will be applied the area needed.

Depending on the severity of the Lichen it may require more than one treatment to remove 100%.

We carry a 500l Water tank in our van, this will get us started but will require a water source to keep the tank full up. Ideally outside but can run from a tap indoors.

We recommend a prewash solution to get a better result. we also use a chemical to help achieve better results where lichen, black spots have developed.   

Yes we take all all major credit cards 

It’s impossible to provide a guarantee against weeds, due to the nature of certain paving, and the environment. Weeds will appear wherever there is a suitable area to grow in. If you have cracks in your paving then this is a susceptible place for weeds to grow. Cracked or broken mortar is a haven for weeds. Block pave kiln dry sand can remain damp for long periods of time.

 The use of sealers and kiln dry sands can help “reduce” weed growth, but there is no 100% prevention method. Sealed joints and polymeric sands can crack under heavy traffic. Once a joint has cracked it opens it up to weeds. A regular weed killing regime should keep weeds at bay. Unfortunately, due to licensing laws we are unable to apply weed killers. This is a service we are currently looking to provide soon


Oil stains needs attention immediately, most oil stains have been around for long periods and this makes it’s very hard removing oil stains fully. Modern semi and fully synthetic engine oils are extremely hard to remove. We can usually remove the dark discolouration, however a visible ghosting is often left behind. 

We always guarantee a good job, customer satisfaction is a priority. What we cannot guarantee is how long the clean will last or when the weeds will return as this will depend on a number of factors, weather, time of year and how much traffic the areas get, most of our customers have a 2 year clean, they maintain the weeds and hose down if required.

If your driveways gets weeds and particularly weedy when we turned up you would need to apply weed killer or they will return after a while if sealing is an option but can be costly as we only use sealant we know to work.

Our method of cleaning the moss of the roofs is to scrap the roof and removing as much as the moss as possible. We then apply a commercial roof Biocide which carry’s on working to remove excess moss and lichen over time keeping you roof moss free for a number of years. 

Yes we certainly do, We make sure all areas are cleaned, all muck is removed.

We clean any windows and doors with our pure water system.


Pressure washing near me !

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