Decking Cleaning Near Me !

Decking Cleaning Service in Herne Bay

Professional decking cleaning services 

A decking area can cost a small fortune, but it also adds great outdoor space to your property. That’s why it pays to keep it maintained. A Deck can get dangerously slippery if its dirty or green with algae which is why our decking cleaning service in your area should be on the top of your list.

We use a subtle but effective cleaning agent to loosen the green staining and general soiling, then we adjust our machines to suit the delicate wood and wash all the dirt away. If required, a brightening agent is then used. 

We can also strip old stain or decking paint from your deck as part of our decking cleaning service in our area This process is a little more involved, but our fantastic results removing failed paint or stain from decking speak for themselves. 

If you require any more information about our decking cleaning service, please contact us 

decking cleaning near me
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