Pressure washing terms and conditions

pressure washing terms

Please check below for our pressure washing terms & guidance conditions

  1.  To be able to clean, we need access to an outdoor tap. We can occasionally use a kitchen tap, provided we can secure a connection. Dab Hand exterior cleaning accepts NO responsibility for water leakage when using indoor fixtures. Dab Hand exterior cleaning accepts NO responsibility for potential water damage when access to a tap requires the hose to run through the property. We do not like running hoses through a property. As the owner, you take liability upon yourself in case of a leak.
  2. Property owner is responsible for ensuring all doors and windows are watertight. The cleaning process produces a lot of water and potential waste. In the case of block paving, all removed weeds, moss and detritus shall be bagged up and removed. We need free-flowing drainage to avoid water pooling. Any drains or gullies should be clear of leaves and silt before we begin cleaning. If you cannot do this yourself, we can gladly assist. An additional charge of £15 will be added to the invoice if we have to clear out any heavily blocked gullies/driveway grilles.
  3. High-pressure cleaning WILL NOT remove all heavy lichen spores (black spots). In some cases, heavy algae staining too. We can remove these, but this requires chemical treatment. we include this treatment  within our standard cleaning pricing. . In addition, pressure washing will not remove rust stains and oil marks. Additional chemicals are needed to attempt removal; however, we won’t guarantee that any oil stains can be removed.
  4.  We require access to carry out the cleaning, We need all areas clear of garden furniture, Pots, Ornaments, BBQs Cars. ( unless we have arranged this prior) immovable objects will be cleaned round. We will gladly assist in moving heavy and bulky items if needed.
  5. Water pressure can sometimes be an issue, we carry water but need to keep it filled up, please if possible refrain from using the washing machine or dishwasher whilst we are there.
  6.  For online quotes where no home visit we rely on the information given. if this is incorrect once we turn up and if the measurements are not correct it may incur extra charges.
  7. Payment is require upon completion of the job – Cash, Card BACS
  8. Deposits are required for extra services I.e. – Roof cleaning and Sealing, this is to cover the materials only.
  9.  Due the natural of the cleaning, please make sure you have told your neighbours we are coming, to avoid any upset ( we will wash down any mess if this happens)
  10. Weeds – there is no miracle fix for weeds. Our cleaning process will remove the weeds but they will return without regular weed control. We do not guarantee how long they will take to return due to environment factors. 
  11.  Expectations v reality – we always clean to 100% but cannot guarantee all Black spots & lichen will be completely removed on first visit.
  12.  Oil Stains & Rust stains needs attention immediately – we cannot promise to remove these totally and a ghosting appearance may be left. It is the customers responsibility to advise us of any stains priory to our visit as we will apply extra treatments on the oil stains for better results.
  13. Our guarantee is that we will  to do a good job, how long will the clean last will depend on a number of factors, Traffic, weather. 
If you have any questions on our pressure washing terms please contact us on 07525 811140
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