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DAB HAND Pressure wash has the experience to undertake all your exterior cleaning needs.ūüíß

Get your Driveway Clean in Herne Bay: 

Andy & Danny (Father and son) take pride in their work, seeing the difference it makes from a dirty drive/patio to a clean drive/ Patio is so satisfying. They are pressure wash equipment and safety trained.

Andy has been in property maintenance for over 25yrs but had taken a step back to concentrate on his other company Chestfield Cars, due to the pandemic, he has decided to let his wife run this and solely concentrate on Dab Hand pressure wash. Due to the success, we have had this past year Danny has joined him. 

  • Professional equipment.
  • Free quotes & advice no-obligation¬†
  • Patio pressure clean
  • Driveway clean
  • Decking soft-wash clean
  • Decking Stain or oiled
  • Tarmac, clean, seal and restore
  • Gutters, facia, fencing, and walls pressure clean
  • Sealing
  • Patio resin grouting
  • 100% Customer satisfaction a priority¬†
  • Customer liability insured¬†




At Dab hand pressure wash we only use equipment that is up to the job of the cleaning tasks we do. By using the best equipment available, we can ensure the best possible clean for your areas.

 Lower powered shop bought pressure washer will not produce the results that our industrial petrol-powered washer can give.

Below are some of the equipment we currently use:

Wilks TX750 and 625 Petrol Pressure washer

High Power Pressure washer 8HP and 7HP 3950psi/272Bar

For driveways and Patios, we would use full pressure for cleaning, we can adjust to a lower pressure for Decking.

Pressure washer Nozzle’s

Turbo Nozzle- is a special type of nozzle that creates a powerful jet of water for a pressure washer. It helps the pressure washer to clean faster than the washer does with a regular/standard nozzle.

The red coloured,

0-degree nozzle is for blasting heavy duty areas.

The yellow coloured,

15-degree nozzle is typically used for surface preparation such as removing dirt, mildew, or paint, and can be used on most surfaces.

The green coloured,

25-degree nozzle is best used to sweep away dirt and mud.

The black coloured

is a low-pressure detergent nozzle.

The White coloured 

40- degree nozzle is for washing down.

BE Pressure Whirlaway 20″ Flat Surface Cleaner

Our pressure wash Whirlaway is an effective way to clean flat services, with its nylon brush skirt and two-arm rotary bar. Only suitable to a flat surface.

Pressure Washer Telescopic Gutter Lance 18ft

This handy piece of equipment is used for reaching high areas, such as Gutters, facias, and brickwork.

500 Litre Baffled water Tank in van.

We carry with us the maximum water we can carry, if more water is needed, we may need to run a hose from your water source to top up.

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Driveway Clean in Herne Bay